Daily Meetings Without Walls Meetings (US)

If you can't get to a face to meeting this may be helpful.
Some FA face to face meetings are being suspended because of Coronavirus.
Some groups are using phone and internet to hold meetings.
This forum is to let people know what some groups are doing.
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Daily Meetings Without Walls Meetings (US)

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The following was received by email from the FA World Service Office:

In response to the Coronavirus crisis and the cancellation of face to face meetings, the FA World Service Board is announcing an expanded program of virtual meetings using GoToMeeting software.
Effective immediately, the MWW meeting room will be offering open meetings daily for all face-to-face members to use from 6pm to midnight EST.
Some meetings may coincide but we must all be flexible during these difficult times.
Our ongoing MWW and phone meetings will also be available at the regular meeting times shown on the website www.familiesanonymous.org under Meetings / Virtual meetings.
Please download the GoToMeeting instructions for using your computer, tablet, landline or mobile. The set-up must only be done once. The MWW number to join is always the same (115 381 933).
We are all in this together. Stay serence and attend a meeting.

Note for UK members: GMT is 4 hours ahead of EST.
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