The Twelve Traditions of Families Anonymous

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The Twelve Traditions of Families Anonymous

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The 12 Traditions of Families Anonymous are an important and integral part of our fellowship as they are in effect our guiding principals.

For those FA members who are able to attend an FA face to face meeting will be familiar with the 12 traditions as they are read at the beginning of each meeting. 
The various traditions are also discussed regularly at meetings so members understand their implications and how they guide FA.

The Forum on the website is as such an FA meeting and so ideally behave like any other FA Meeting.
Unfortunately unlike a F2F FA meeting, when we come to the forum there is no one to prompt us to read the 12 Traditions prior to sharing our experience or present situation.

Our FA meetings offer family members support by sharing the experience strength and hope.
We seek to keep the meetings healthy by following the 12 Traditions of FA far as possible.

Our traditions tell us that within an FA meeting we don't promote counselling, other helplines or non-FA literature.
The reason is, this may distract us from our recovery within FA. 
It also avoids the appearance of FA endorsing outside enterprises, which can cause problems with  money, property and prestige and divert us from our primary purpose.

For that reason we don't provide links to other organisations on the FA website either.

Therefore we ask that posters to this forum avoid recommending other organisations, other helplines, counselling, or non-FA literature and keep our sharing on the forum to our own personal experiences within FA
For anyone unfamiliar with the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Families Anonymous, they can be found under the topic '5 Basic Readings' immediately next to this Discussion Area topic.