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Re: Gratitude journal

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Hi Rachel
What a beautiful post you have helped me because I know I am not alone with the members of famanon yes I agree the more pain I have gone through I seem to grow spiritually.....
I don’t know what’s worse if they leave you be or bother you it’s truly an awful place to be ...
I was told let sleeping dogs lie or they may wake up and bite you ..... So very true
I believe my higher power puts up an invisible veil to protect me I couldn’t have taken much more from my addict I seriously was going to bang my head on the wall with frustration and despair but not now I am truly at peace except for this divorce madness hopefully finished in the new year fingers and toes crossed he is out to cause me as much pain as possible why I will never know he became very abusive mentally and physically when he retired we were living abroad .... The physical stuff only happened once and I was gone over 2 years now I know the pain of this and it doesn’t get any better ....
You would think it was me the way he is behaving ( a dry drunk )
He did the crime and expects me to do the time but absolutely no way is this illness going to take anything else from me especially my peace
Bless you Rachel please keep posting we all need each other and the silly season will be over soon enough Ho Ho Ho
Yours in fellowship
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Re: Gratitude journal

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I was thinking about the comments about dogs. I have two close friends, one of whom has two dogs, getting rather elderly now, who have been a part of my life for years, and another friend who looks after two dogs, both of whom, I have never met, and yet I'm terribly fond of them!!

I think I wrote about the following episode before on here, but it's a story worth repeating. Three-and-a-half years ago my husband and I were in Southern Ireland, when news came through from my addict son's then wife about what he had been up to. We knew, but the specific details given were devastating.

We were stopping at an air B and B on a farm. We decided to go for a short walk to the local church and wander amongst the gravestones, where we knew it would be peaceful. The two farm dogs immediately knew that we were going somewhere, as they could see us putting on coats through the glass doors, and they insisted on accompanying us, coming up for cuddles when we sat down in the the graveyard, and then scampering beside us all the way back to the farm.

It is one of my most treasured memories of that terrible time. When a human being to whom we'd given life let us so appallingly, two little dogs kept us company and gave us hope. P.
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