Anonymity and Confidentiality on the forum

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Anonymity and Confidentiality on the forum

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Our 11th Tradition talks about the importance of anonymity as an important part of our Fellowship.

On this forum we try to remain anonymous by not using real names, places or any details that could identify ourselves or other family members including our addicted loved ones.
In this way we maintain our own and others' confidentiality to the best of our ability.

Please be reminded that the posts on this forum are not private, they are able to be read by anyone using the internet.
The internet is trawled by search engines such as Google. Please bear this in mind when posting.

Be assured that personal details held in the forum such as email addresses, are not available to be viewed on the internet or picked up by a search engine. Also be assured that any emails sent to webadmin, and private messages sent via the forum, do remain private.

If admin feels that a post contains too much data that may identify a person or event then it may be removed or changed to comply with this Tradition.

Thanks for your understanding.